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New Times, New Rhymes
$15 includes s & h

Write From The Heart:
The Jessamyn West Story

$15 includes s & h

The Diary and Adventures
of Ed Hicks

$20 includes s & h

Flowing With The Muscatatuck
(poetry book)

$20 includes s & h

Plead Your Case
$20 includes s & h

Coaching Excellence
paperback $14
hardback $24
Prices include s & h
$20 includes s & h

The Short and
Long Of It

(poetry book)
$19 includes s & h

"Poetry in Motion"
(poetry book)
$19 includes s & h

"A Priceless Necklace of Words:
Sarah Cooper and Her Poetry"

(poetry book)
$19 includes s & h

You Dance Good, Mr. President!
$20 includes s & h

C. Byron Buckley's Books and CD's

    1. Flowing With The Muscatatuck (poetry)
    2. Coaching Excellence (tennis)
    3. Hagerman Tripp: His Biography, Diary, and Civil War Letters
    4. Write From The Heart: The Jessamyn West Story
    5. From Rags to Riches to Poetry: The Frank E. Little Story
    6. The Diary of Edward Pitt Hicks
    7. Plead Your Case: Nineteenth Century Jennings County Attorneys, Judges, and Unusual Cases
    8. The Short and Long of It (poetry)
    9. President Nixon, A Secret, and Vernon, Indiana
    10. Poetry in Motion
    11. A Priceless Necklace of Words: Sarah Cooper and Her Poetry
    12. Where The River Bends CD; lyrics-CB Buckley, music-Indiana Slim & BabyLee (released in August 2007)
    13. Poetic Moments ( CD; 12 poems released in September, 2007 with transitional guitar and banjo riffs by Indiana Slim)
    14. Shadow Box (2009)
    15. The Beauty of Nature (poetry -2009)
    16. If Abe Lincoln Were A Basketball Coach (2009)
    17. The Stonecutter (Children's story; to be released in 2012)
    18. Passing Shots (memoir; to be released in 2012)
    19. The Ghost of Jim Thorpe (Young Adult; to be released in 2012)
    20. New Times, New Rhymes (2011)
    21. Slim, The Christmas Tree(Children's story 2012)
    22. The Mental Dynamics for Tennis and Life," (released 2015)

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